Message from Coach Kevin - December 6th

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Dec 06 2022 at 08:14AM PST

Dear Swimmers and Parents,

In spite of all the illnesses that are coursing through the team, those swimmers who made it to this weekend’s meet did extremely well.

We had first places from a lot of our relay teams and these individuals…

Kelly Hassett (15/18 1000 free)
Allie Schwartz (12 and under 200 IM)
Will Schwab (12-14 400 IM)
Demetra Bicos (15 and over 400 IM)
Gus MacDonald (15 and over 400 IM)

Jake Brown (8 and under 100 free)
Beckham Leith (9/10 50 back)
Sully Jackson (11/12 50 back, 100 free, 100 back)
Jack Bassett (8 and under 25 free)
Jack Palmer (8 and under 50 breast, 25 fly, 100 IM, 25 back, 50 fly)
Mary Bailey (9/10 50 breast, 50 free)
Tyler Bassett ((9/10 50 breast)
Catie Samouelian (8 and under 25 fly, 25 back)
Michael Bailey (11/12 100 fly, 50 fly)
Catherine Howe (11/12 100 free)
Quinn O’Neill (13/14 100 free, 100 back, 100 fly)
Scott Hassett (15/18 100 free)
Malin Murphey (11/12 50 back, 100 fly)
Avery Anderson (15/18 100 back)
David Marc Beatty (15/18 100 back)
Lila Solomon (11/12 50 breast)
Jack McCuiston (11 and over 200 breast, 500 free)
Sam Clifford (15/18 100 fly)
Claire Tomasek (10 and under 200 free)
Colton Ruks (9-10 100 IM)
Eric Dunn (9/10 100 back)
Isla Ley (9/10 100 breast)
Charlie McCuiston (11 and over 200 IM, 50 free)
Avery Tack (13/14 200 free, 100 breast)
Victor Malinski (13/14 200 free)
Jordan Bouchillon (11 and over 200 back)
Taylor Robinson (13/14 50 free)
Charlie Michael (13/14 100 breast)
Kate Stempien (11/12 50 fly)
Lyla Collins (11/12 100 IM

I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

I am particularly pleased to see our swimmers trying new events (and succeeding!!) Several eight and unders swam the 50 back for the first time and managed their flip turns expertly. Many other swimmers chose longer and tougher events. We are making a lot of progress!

Thank you to our parents who volunteered to officiate and time at the meet. I certainly appreciate your efforts and I know the Farmington team does as well.

This upcoming week we will be sending Coach Peter and Ethan Schwab to the Speedo Winter Junior National Meet in Greensboro. This is a very high-level meet for swimmers across the nation. Angus MacDonald and Sam Clifford also qualified for this meet, but opted not to attend.

As you are making your holiday plans, if you are traveling please try to get swimmers into a pool. Clubs across the nation are pleased to welcome guests…we always do! Our lead coaches will be glad to give you workouts. We don’t want to impede our momentum.

Have a great week!