Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Jul 27 2023 at 10:18AM PDT

Good afternoon,

This is a friendly reminder that 2023-24 registration for returning swimmers who completed the 2022-23 (and their siblings) will be open thru July 31st. Beginning on August 7th we will open any remaining spots on the team.


Please remember that there are 2 components to your registration – Step 1 registration through BBD Active site and Step 2 registration through the YMCA. Your Step 2 registration through the YMCA is in addition to your monthly membership.

It is important to read the following instructions carefully so you can seamlessly register your swimmer(s) for BBD. Please refer to the website Registration Tab for many Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Step 1 – Register online by clicking the LINK IN THIS EMAIL (or use the Register Now button on the Home page of By now you should have confirmed your BBD Active account by logging in to the parent portal to verify your swimmers swim history.

2. Log in and select your returning swimmer. Your information will auto-populate the registration form when you select your swimmer. Please review carefully and make any changes necessary.

3. Once you reach the “Review cart and check out” page you can add another swimmer by clicking “add another registration” in the upper right corner. You are welcome to register new siblings at this time. When checking out, please make sure to update your credit card information, if necessary, and check the “store this card for future use” box. Without a credit card saved to your account we will not be able to enter your child in swim meets.

4. Once you have completed registration on the Active BBD website, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a Step 2 link which will take you to Birmingham YMCA’s registration page.

5. Once on the Birmingham Y’s page for BBD registration click on “Enroll Now”. You will be asked to login to the YMCA site. All returning swimmers should have an account for log in from last year. Contact Kelly Stubbe ( for assistance with log in issues.

6. Use the drop down menu to select the swimmer you wish to register. If you need to add a family member, you can do so at this step as well by clicking on “Create a new Family Member.” Read the “TIPS” section on the right hand side of the screen if you need help. You will choose age group on the “package details” page, accept payment details on the “additional information” page, and then you will be brought to the fees page.

7. If you have more than 1 swimmer, once you register the first swimmer, you will need to click on “Register Another Participant for this Activity” on the fees page. Then you will go through the same add process for your remaining swimmers. It is IMPORTANT that you add all of your swimmers prior to checking out/paying so that you can receive the sibling discount.
(2 swimmers = $75 discount; 3 swimmers = $150 discount; 4+ swimmers = $200 discount)

8. If you are rejoining the Y during Step 2, it may look like your recurring monthly payment is more than $30-40/month. Do not worry: the program fee and monthly fee are combined on the check out page, but will show separately on your receipt/confirmation.
If you have 3 or more swimmers, it may be advantageous to get a FAMILY MEMBERSHIP. If you are choosing this option, you must register for family membership prior to completing the steps above. Please contact the Birmingham Y if you would like more information on the most effective membership option for you and your family.

If you have a membership on suspension/on hold, you need to contact Kelly Stubbe at the Birmingham YMCA via email to reinstate your membership prior to completing Step 2.

9. Payment for the season is automatically defaulted to monthly installments. If you wish to pay in full, you will select “pay in full” at the check out screen.

10. Once you have added all of your swimmers, click on “Proceed to Shopping Cart,” and proceed through the remaining 4 steps.
Your spot on the team is NOT reserved until you complete BOTH Step 1 and Step 2.

Pricing for BBD will remain the same as 2022-23 with the exception of the Activity Fee which has been increased to $130. We are still waiting for information from USA swimming on their registration process and fee for 2023-24. Please note that a USA swimming fee of approximately $80 to $100 will be charged at a later date.

Finally, please note that we are closely monitoring registrations and will cancel memberships if a swimmer does not fit the criteria for “Returning Swimmer” registration. Thank you for understanding.

We look forward to welcoming our Blue Dolphins back to the pool in September!
Best regards,
BBD Boosters Board and Coaches