Meet Concessions Donations Needed

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Oct 08 2023 at 07:18PM PDT

Dear BBD Parents,

We are so excited to host the first YMCA meet of the season! In the past we have asked each family to bring in drinks associated with their last name in the alphabet, but after an assessment last year we realized we were creating a surplus of beverages that weren’t consumed so we want to try to lessen the waste and expand to all categories of concessions.

Items can be delivered Monday- Friday at noon the week of the meet to the YMCA front desk labeled BBD Meet. If you have a morning swimmer on Saturday you can bring your items then but all goods must be delivered well before meet start time to allow our parent volunteers time to set up. If you’ve signed up for an item please take that commitment earnestly as our Concessions volunteers will be counting on those items. If delivery is an issue please contact Nikki at or Liz at to arrange for an alternative drop off.

PLEASE CLICK BELOW TO SIGN-UP!/showSignUp/10C0C49A8AD29A5FA7-44689830-bbdlisa

We sincerely appreciate your support securing as many of the below items as possible so that we can run a well stocked concession stand for all swimmers and spectators!

See you at the pool!

BBD Boosters