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Dear Parents and Swimmers,

As the holiday season begins we find that we have many reasons to be grateful.

The board took on an additional meet, giving our high school girls a chance to swim a meet while tapered and to give all of our high school swimmers another opportunity to fulfill their YMCA meet requirement. Thank you to Liz Solomon and Dennis Jackson who led the event and to our coaches who staffed it.

All of our 350+ swimmers are doing well. This past weekend our female high school swimmers showed how their seasons of diligent effort as age-groupers manifest in some great performances. There are three divisions in high school swimming determined by school size and our swimmers really distinguished themselves at all three meets.

At Division 1…
Demetra Bicos was 4th in the 200 IM and 5th in the 500.

At Division 2
Kelly Hassett was 2nd in the 200 free, she won the 500 free and set a new D2 state record in that event. She was named “the D2 swimmer of the meet!”
Avery Tack was 3rd in both the 200 and 100 freestyles.
Avery Anderson finished 7th in the 100 free and 5th in the 100 back.
Skyler Jansen was 4th in the 200 and 500 freestyles.
Caroline Lee took 13th in the 200 and 9th in the 500.
Delaney Dalziel finished 16th in the 200 and 11th in the 500.
Lucy Truesdell was 11th in the 200 IM and in the 100 fly.
Lindsay Louwers was 16th in the 200 IM and 13th in the 100 breast.
Elena Garza finished 8th in the 100 fly and 14th in the 500.
Savannah Sneyd was 10th in the 100 breast.

At Division 3
Eryn McLaughlin 8th in the 200 free, 5th in the 100 fly.
Stella Glorio was 16th in the 200 free, 6th in the 500 free.
Julijana Jelic took 2nd in the 200 IM and 200 back.
Quinn Norlander finished 6th in the 200 IM and 5th in the 500 free.
Mariana Becharas was 7th in the 200 IM and 10th in the 100 breast.
Elea Mast took 12th in the 50 free and 10th in the 100 free.
Marin Norlander was 7th in the 100 fly and 8th in the 100 back
Elizabeth Kurz took 7th in the 100 breast.

As a result of their finishes Eryn Mclaughlin, Savannah Sneyd, Elena Garza, and Jiulijana Jelic joined our YMCA National Team.

I hope I covered it, please forgive me if I missed something….Congratulations to all of you. Our team is really proud of you.

Remember, returning high school girls, we expect to see you at practice the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone!


The 2024 Circle City Classic (Indy) meet being held January 26-28, 2024 at IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, IN is open for entries for qualified swimmers. If you’re planning to attend, the* deadline for entry is Tuesday, December 5 at 8pm.*

This is a USS meet for 9 & Over swimmers only (i.e. it does not count towards the YMCA 3 meet criteria). 12 and under events are timed finals. 13-14 and OPEN Saturday/Sunday events are prelims/finals. This meet is our most complex for registration.

Please read & pay very close attention to the instructions and meet packet found in the MEETS section on the BBD website or below

There are qualifying times (cuts) for this meet, but your child MAY swim in any Saturday/Sunday event without a cut.+ (Only qualified swimmers may enter Friday events)+ You’ll have to pay a $5 missed cut fee at the meet if your child does not achieve the cut time either before or at the meet. Instructions are in the meet packet for ways to make these payments at the meet! BBD swimmer times will be updated automatically for meets swam between the December 8th deadline and January 12th.

If you would like to enter your child in an event that they do not currently have the cut for, please email me directly at with your child’s name and the events (both # and event name) so I can hand enter them at the qualifying time. If you desire to enter your child in this meet, but they do not have any cuts, you must get approval from their coach directly in order to enter.

2024 Circle City Classic meet packet

Girls high school times will be updated with counties, leagues and states in the near future

Entries are now open for the upcoming 2023 FFYS Holiday Invitational being held the weekend of December 1-3, 2023 at Waterford Kettering High School. The entry deadline is TUESDAY, November 14, 2023 at 8pm. Late entries can not be accepted.

This meet is being run as 2 separate meet sessions, a Distance meet on Friday, December 1 and a normal meet December 2 and 3. This will allow those swimmers who swim in both meets to have it count as 2 YMCA meets towards the 3 meet criteria. There are events for all age groups on all 3 days of the meet, including Friday. The corresponding meet packets can be found below, as well as on the BBD website. Keep in mind, your Parent Portal will have TWO meets available to enter for this 3 day meet.

BBD is required to provide timers for this meet, which will allow deck access during your session. We MUST provide 3 timers per session for all 3 days of the meet (i.e. 15 timers total). Please sign up in the Signup Genius here, as we can not submit our entries without the complete volunteer list. Thank you advance for your help.

Timer SignUp Genius

2023 FFYS Holiday Distance Invitational Meet packet

2023 FFYS Holiday Invitational Meet packet

IMPORTANT Any swimmers who have outstanding meet fees must pay their fees and then email, before entry is available. This must be completed before the entry deadline.

If you plan to attend this meet, please read this email and the meet packet in it’s entirety to understand the entry process and how the meet runs

Entries are now open for the 2023 BBD Fall Day After Meet being held November 19, 2023 at Groves High School.

The Day After Meet is run differently than all other meets that BBD attends. Deadline for entry for Round 1 is Sunday November 12 at 8pm.

IMPORTANT: Any swimmer in the meet is required to have a parent volunteer. Please sign up on the SignUp Genius below:

The Fall Day After Meet this year is a YMCA meet and is open to experienced 13 & up swimmers that are attempting to achieve one or more qualifying times for Zones, MAGS, or Y Nationals. This is a great meet for high school girls to capitalize on their taper and for high school boys to get another YMCA meet in (to meet the 3 YMCA meet criteria during the season). If you have any question as to whether your swimmer should attend, please have them talk to their coach at practice or email their coach (all coach emails can be found on the BBD website under ABOUT BBD).

The Day After Meet is a time trial meet; it is run in one session with three rounds of events. There is a short break between each round. Each round offers the same events except that the 1650 and the 1000 are only offered in Round 1. If your swimmer does not achieve their desired qualifying time in Round 1 they will have the opportunity to submit a deck entry for subsequent rounds. Please review the meet packet for the list of events.

Swimmers can swim in any or all rounds, however Round 1 swims are only open to those swimmers that select an entry in their Parent Portal prior to the meet (as described above and in the meet packet). Swimmers that enter via deck entry are limited to Rounds 2 and 3. You may enter Rounds 2 and 3 ahead of time in your Parent Portal as well, but it is not necessary. Once again, the entry deadline for Round 1 events is Sunday, November 12 at 8:00 pm.

Entry fees for any entries done through your Parent Portal will be billed as normal. Any deck entries for Rounds 2 and 3 will require you to bring proper payment (check payable to BBD Boosters, Inc. or cash) for all entries the morning of the meet. Entry fee information is available in the meet packet, attached here.

2023 BBD Fall Day After Meet packet

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2023 RAYS Thanksgiving Classic

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins at Nov 1, 2023 5:56AM PDT

Entries now closed

Entries are now open for the 2023 RAYS Thanksgiving Classic meet being held November 11-12, 2023 at Zeeland West High School. This meet is for any 9 and up swimmers who want to attend. The entry deadline is TONIGHT Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at 8pm.

Late entries can not be accepted due to the tight turnaround.

Attached below and on the website is the meet packet. Keep in mind that there is no marshalling at this meet. Notes from the host team: The Open 500 Free is at the end of the Saturday morning 12&Under session (before 13&O afternoon warm-up). The Open 400 IM is at the end of the Sunday morning 12&Under session (before 13&O afternoon warm-up).

2023 RAYS Thanksgiving Classic meet packet

A link for the team hotel can be found on MEETS in the navigation above

​As always, if you have any unpaid meet fees these must be taken care of before entry will be available in your Parent Portal. A separate email has already been sent to those whom this applies to. Once paid, please email in order to notify the payment has been completed so entries can be opened