Note from Coach Kevin - 11/27/2019

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Nov 27 2019 at 04:00PM PST

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Our swimmers had a very busy and eventful weekend. We had a small contingent at the RAYS Meet who dropped time like crazy!

Our older girls, representing their high schools, had a great weekend. Congratulations to the Seaholm swimmers (many of whom are BBDers) who won the Division 2 State Meet and to our Coach Chris Bagley who led Cranbrook-Kingswood to a second-place finish at the Division 3 State Meet.

At D2s, Carly Burry qualified for the National Meet in the 50 free. The next day at the “Day-After” Meet, Bella Vaughan qualified for the National Meet in the 100 back. Welcome to the National Team Carly and Bella!

As we approach the holiday season we want to maintain our momentum. We will be offering many practices while the swimmers are out of school. If you are away for more than a couple of days, please make arrangements to train. Other teams usually welcome guests, as we certainly do, but you need to plan ahead. Find a club where you will be and ask. If that doesn’t work, our coaches will be glad to supply workouts if you can find a pool. Consistency is the key to success in swimming and extended breaks can play havoc with our goals.

Speaking of goals, 12 and under swimmers should have received their goal sheets by now. (the seniors will receive theirs electronically.) Please fill them out completely and put them in a zip-lock bag with a pen and bring them to practice to review with a coach. It’s great motivation.

Our team has sponsored two meets and we have two more to go. We are the host team for the YMCA Eight and Under State Championships/District Meet on February 15 as well as the second “Day-After” Meet in early March. We need you to plan to help on those dates. Every parent is needed to step up to help in some way. More information will be forthcoming after the first of the year.

At our last board meeting, there was discussion about what to do when parents don’t fulfill their volunteer obligations. We know, that compared with other organizations, we do not ask much, but we need everyone to help. As a Y team we have values that we try to instill in our swimmers…..and our adults. I do not like the idea of fining parents. I believe that parents volunteer because it’s the right thing to do and they are modeling that good and appropriate behavior for their children…so please step up when you are asked.

It’s all good news! We have much for which to be grateful…..happy, healthy swimmers, supportive parents, a great board, and renewed commitment from the Y. Keep that in mind as you celebrate Thanksgiving. Enjoy every minute with your family and friends.

Coach Kevin