Note from Coach Kevin - 10/2/2020

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Oct 02 2020 at 08:09AM PDT

The BIRMINGHAM BLUE DOLPHINS are thrilled to begin their 2020-21 season indoors beginning October 5th at the Birmingham and South Oakland branches of the YMCA.

This will allow us to accommodate 180 of our returning swimmers nine years old and up.

When public school pools begin to rent to age-group swimming teams (which we anticipate in November if all goes well,) we will be able to offer more opportunities and we may be able to accept new swimmers.

When the Cranbrook Natatorium becomes available (we hope sometime in December,) we again will be able to expand more and welcome new athletes..

We plan to offer eight and unders a full season starting when we have the space and we will extend their season into the spring (instead of in February as we have in the past,) and we will be able to offer spots to new swimmers.

It is our goal at BBD to offer the best age-group programs possible to as many athletes as we can. Help us to reach that goal by staying healthy and observing all safety protocols. We think there is no place safer than being in the chlorine bath in a pool and we want to offer opportunities to all who are interested.