BBD Orientation Meetings - September 12, 2021

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Sep 03 2021 at 06:04AM PDT

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2021-22 BBD Season.

It will begin with our orientation meetings on September 12 at the YMCA. We are divided into three groups:

Parents of Eight and Unders 12:00-1:15
Parents of New Swimmers 9 and up 1:30-2:45
Parents of Returning Swimmers 3:00-4:15

If you fall into more than one of those categories, just pick one.

These opening meetings are essential to the success of the team. First, and foremost, we need to explain the mission of the program. Our team philosophy is core and we need to ensure that all constituents are aware of it and support it.

You will meet some of the coaches and board members and learn how you can become involved, since parent involvement is a requirement for membership on the team.

Practices will begin the week of September 13th and we will stagger the first day. 13/14 and 15/18 will begin on Monday at Cranbrook. The 9/10s will begin on Tuesday, 11/12s on Wednesday and the Eight and unders on Thursday.

The practice schedule will be updated on the website. It isn’t set in stone as COVID protocols keep evolving.

The Varsity Shop will be there so you can order suits, purchase fins (required for all age groups) and other team swag.

Please wear a mask to enter the building and grab a name tag.

We look forward to seeing you all!

The BBD Coaches and Board