Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Oct 07 2021 at 05:49PM PDT

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

By now you have received the invitation to our Fall Meet. You, in conversation with your swimmer, will select their events. Take a look at the events offered. Swimmers should swim three or four events at each session. They should pick one or two that they would like to swim and one or two they know the coaches would like to see them swim. Remember, sometime during the season they should swim every event available to them in their age group. This provides the coaches with important feedback to guide their training. Our coaches are training swimmers to swim all strokes and distances. For example, last night the 9-10 girls worked on the 200 IM. After instructions and drills, nine girls swam the event very successfully in practice so they are ready to do that at a meet. On Saturday the 11-12s worked on the 400 IM.

We will try to make sure swimmers get a chance to swim a relay or two. The team pays for relays and the coaches enter enough teams to accommodate almost everyone.

Remember this is our meet (we plan to have two.) Parents of swimmers are expected to sign up to help run the meet, There are many ways to be helpful, but it is unacceptable not to volunteer,

​A few reminders…

…swimmers must be masked at all of the venues we use.

​…parents are expected to bring swimmers into the building and retrieve them after practice. We had a swimmer dropped off at Cranbrook on Tuesday when practice was canceled—- a very scary situation for that swimmer. Plus, when you come into get your swimmer you have a chance to socialize with other parents…and that helps build a stronger team.

​I see every swimmer training several times a week. It is great to see how much they are learning and how much they have already improved. I can hardly wait for our first meets!

​Speaking of meets, our high- school girls ( representing their schools) lit it up at the Oakland County Meet this past weekend! We saw swimmers from Groves, Seaholm, Marian, Mercy, Royal Oak, Troy, West Bloomfield, Cranbrook and Detroit Country Day and others add state meet events etc….Congratulations!