Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Jan 31 2022 at 03:29PM PST

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

​So much good news to report!!!!

First, remember that beginning today, practices at BCS and Derby will all shift back to the original start times (Covington 5:45-7:15 and 7:00-8:30, Derby 5:30-7:00 and 6:45-8:15). There is one exception this week….Derby has a meet on Thursday, February 3, so, the first practice will be from 6:00-7:30 and the second from 7:15-8:45.

​Please make sure to do your entries for upcoming meets!

We had an incredible weekend in Indianapolis!

The boys won their part of the meet, and we were fourth overall. Angus MacDonald was the overall open boys’ champion. We added two new national qualifiers: Jordan Bouchillon (100 and 200 back) and Mayer Krieger (200 fly.) Madison Helmick set two new team records in one race. She set new standards in the mile and her split at the 1000 gave her that record as well. She now has the national cut in the mile. Ethan Schwab set a new meet record in the 100 and 200 breast, Christian Bouchillon set a new meet record in the 100 back and it lasted for about a minute when Drew Collins broke it again! We had national team members achieve qualifying times in additional events. We added dozens of new state, zone and AA qualifiers. All of our swimmers had many reasons to be proud of their accomplishments. It was so much fun!

Each year the YMCA takes all of the times recorded in Y competitions nation-wide and compiles a Top 16 for swimmers eleven-years-old and up. It is done for 11 year olds, 12 year olds etc…We were very well represented with many places including first places for Angus MacDonald in the 500 free with a time of 4:32.15 and in the 200 breast 2:05.15.

In no particular order, here are the results:

AJ Farner

11th 400 IM 4:32.19

13th 500 free 5:06.24

Angus MacDonald

1st 200 breast 2:05.15

11th 200 free 1:44.07

2nd 400 IM 4:01.82

1st 500 free 4:32.15

Angus MacDonald, Christian Bouchillon, Ethan Schwab, Drew Collins

15th 800 free relay 6:56.18

Charlie McCuiston

2nd 100 IM 1:01.30

4th 200 free 1:58.14

7th 50 fly 27.35

2nd 50 free 24.19

Charlie McCuiston, Owen O’Neill, Aleks Bovdur, Allen Zhang

4th 200 free relay 1:47.66

Christian Bouchillon

9th 200 back 1:50.97

Christian Bouchillon, Ethan Schwab, Drew Collins, Charlie Bruce

10th 400 medley relay3:24.81

Emma Dickhudt 15th 100 breast 1:06.55

Emmett Knudsen, Evan Tack, Sean Lu, Jack Higgins

3rd 200 medley relay 1:42.99

Ethan Schwab

4th 100 breast 56.06

3rd 200 breast 2:01.05

16th 200 free 1:43.53

5th 500 free 4:34.45

Evan Tack 6th 100 breast 1:04.80

12th 100 free 51.39

2nd 200 breast 2:15.32

2nd 200 IM 2:02.86

7th 50 free 23.41

Jack Higgins 4th 100 free 50.33

8th 200 free 1:52.99

3rd 50 free 23.02

Drew Collins

4th 100 back 49.27

6th 200 back 1:47.98

4th 200 IM 1:51.82

6th 400 IM 4:01.71

Drew Collins, Ethan Schwab, Charlie Bruce, Christian Bouchillon

7th 200 medley relay 1:33.07

Kelly Hassett

12th 200 breast 2:26.77

11th 200 free 1:55.82

Lauren Louwers

9th 200 breast 2:22.82

Mariana Becharas

14th 200 breast 2:33.89

Meghan Clifford

6th 200 fly 2:05.27

Michael Bailey

6th 50 breast 36.35

Olivia Kamp

16th 50 breast 33.97

Sean Lu

7th 100 breast 33.97

4th 200 breast 2:18.89

7th 200 IM 2:05.21

Sean Kanary, Aleks Bovdur, Quinn O’Neill, Allen Zhang

9th 200 medley relay 2:02.47.

And in long-course competition….

Angus MacDonald

3rd 200 breast 2:28.69

6th 200 IM 2:13.18

3rd 400 IM 4:39.38

Ethan Schwab

2nd 100 breast 1;05.43

4th 200 breast 2;23.67

Drew Collins

9th 100 back 59.28

7th 200 back 2;11.75

13th 50 free 24.48

Imagine if they ranked our ten-and unders! That is an impressive list. Congratulations, swimmers !!!!!

Have a great week!!