Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Oct 12 2022 at 09:57AM PDT

We have just learned of a new rule that is being put into place by the National YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee that has important implications for all members of our team.

The rule is as follows:
Teams and swimmers may no longer automatically count participation in two or more days of a closed YMCA meet as participation in two separate YMCA meets.

What does this mean?
Specifically, it means that in order to complete the 3 required YMCA meets, swimmers will need to swim in 3 separate meets, rather than 3 separate sessions. In the past, we were able to count participation in 2 days/sessions of a meet as 2 separate meets. This will no longer be the case.

This new rule will have the greatest impact for High School swimmers, who are trying to satisfy their YMCA requirements either before (boys) or after (girls) the High School season.

What do I you need to do?
We strongly encourage all BBD swimmers to sign up for the BBD Fall Festival. The entry deadline for this is tomorrow, October 13th at 8pm. Then, you must enter and participate in at least one day of an additional 2 YMCA meets. Please stay tuned to your email for meet entry announcements, and do not miss the deadlines.

Here is the updated YMCA meet schedule for the regular season. The specifics for the Championship Season are still being finalized.

October 22-23 – BBD Fall Festival, Lake Orion HS ENTRY DEADLINE IS 10/13 @ 8PM
November 6 – FLY Fall Invite, Lakeland HS (White Lake, MI)
November 11-13 – RAYS Thanksgiving Classic, Zeeland West HS Travel Meet
December 2 – FFYS Holiday Distance Meet, Waterford Kettering HS (experienced swimmers only)
December 3-4 – FFYS Holiday Invitational, Waterford Kettering HS
January 6-8 – FLY Winter Invite, Waterford, MI

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

BBD Parent Board