Concession Drink Donations & Fall Festival Reminders

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Oct 19 2022 at 01:02PM PDT

Good afternoon,

We are looking forward to seeing our swimmers in action this Saturday and Sunday at Lake Orion! There are a few important updates and reminders for the weekend.

First, it has become standard practice at hosted meets that our families provide drink donations for concessions. We request that families bring the following items to the meet and drop off at concessions upon arrival. Please bring the item that corresponds with the first letter of your last name.

A-C 12 pack Sprite/Squirt/LaCroix/Iced Tea
D-F 12 pack Coke
G-H 12 pack Diet Coke
I-P 8 pack 20 oz Gatorade
Q-Z 24 pack water

Secondly, we are still in need of announcers for both of our morning sessions. Please sign-up on the parent portal if you are able to help!

Finally, a friendly reminder that swimmers 10 and Under should arrive with their event numbers written on their hands. This is incredibly helpful to coaches and marshaling volunteers. There will be marshaling in the morning sessions for 10 and Unders, and swimmers should listen for their event numbers to be called to report to the marshaling area.

For families who are new to BBD or winter competitive swimming, please reference our Parent Handbook on the website (under “About BBD” tab). There is a lot of information here about what to expect at a swim meet!

BBD Boosters Parent Board and Coaches