Message from Coach Kevin - January 2nd

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Jan 02 2023 at 10:56AM PST


It seems strange to type 2023!

I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday season. I sure did. Thank you to all of you who thought of the coaching staff. The board treated us to a very nice dinner hosted by Coach Jeannie and then to cocktails at the Birmingham Pub. We certainly are spoiled!

Did you make any New Year resolutions? Here let me help you…
1. Get to practice often and on time.
2. Meet with the coaches to revise your goals after the January meets.
3. Prepare for a very exciting championship season.

The progress we have witnessed in our swimmers never fails to impress. New swimmers have become good swimmers, good swimmers have become great. We are poised to see some incredible performances.

As I have explained, putting together facilities, schedules, coaches etc. is like building a house of cards. Not only for Birmingham, but for all of the Y teams. Farmington is scheduled to host our first championship meet, Eastern Clusters, and they have had the two facilities they contracted with back out. We will still have the Cluster Meet, but it may need to be spread out over two weekends (February 4-5, and 11-12.) They are still working to secure a place to host it on the 11-12. If they have to spread it out the meet will be at Northville High School. We will send more information as it becomes available.

Because we were shut out of some of the sessions of the USSC meet, we are adding one day of the Grosse Pointe Gators US Meet on Sunday, January 29. This is the same weekend as Indy and we have well over 100 swimmers making that trip so we will only attend one day and practices will be canceled on that Sunday. This meet format is morning pre-lims/ evening finals for 11 and ups. If you choose to attend you are expected to attend the evening finals if you qualify. Afternoon events are timed/finals.

Flint and the Blue Water Otters are planning a one-day Y meet on Sunday February 5. The only swimmers who should attend that meet are the handful of swimmers (mostly high school girls) who need their third need to continue in the program.

The 9/10s will have a camera session at Covington on Thursday from 6:00-7:30 for any swimmers who have not yet had this opportunity. .To register, please sign-up here:



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