Message from Coach Kevin - March 29th

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Mar 29 2023 at 07:30AM PDT

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Our age-group short-course season has come to an end with an amazing performance at East Kentwood. Our team finished second to Club Wolverine (which is a team that operates out of several cities). Our boys’ team was first. The depth of our team was on display and chronicled below. We are so proud of our swimmers!


Our 13-14 Boys’ (Turner Worth, Nico Bonel-Muras, Quinn O’Neill and Charlie McCuiston) set a Michigan State Record in the 400 free relay.

Our top eight performers were:

Boys’ 50 free – Brody McCuiston 1st, Eric Dunn 7th, Reid McCuiston 8th
Girls’ 100 IM – Claire Tomasek 4th, Mary Bailey 6th
Boys’ 100 Back – Brody McCuiston 2nd, Ozan Saraydar 6th, Eric Dunn 7th
Girls’ 200 Medley Relay – (Elliana Ker, Mary Bailey, Jane Runyon, and Claire Tomasek) 6th
Boys’ 200 Medley Relay – (Brody McCuiston, Tyler Bassett, Ozan Saraydar, and Eric Dunn) 1st, (Owen Brown, Kai Boylan, Beckham Leith, and Colton Ruks) 4th
Boys’ 100 Fly – Ozan Saraydar 2nd, Beckham Leith 4th, Reid McCuiston 7th, Tyler Bassett 8th
Boys’ 50 Back – Brody McCuiston 1st, Colton Ruks 8th
Girls’ 100 Breast – Mary Bailey 2nd, Claire Tomasek 7th
Boys’ 100 Breast – Tyler Bassett 3rd
Boys’ 200 Free – Ozan Saraydar 4th, Eric Dunn 5th, Beckham Leith 6th
Girls’ 50 Breast – Mary Bailey 2nd
Boys’ 50 Breast – Tyler Bassett 2nd, Ozan Saraydar 5th
Boys’ 100 Free – Brody McCuiston 3rd, Eric Dunn 6th​
Boys’ 50 Fly – Ozan Saraydar 2nd, Colton Ruks 4th, Beckham Leith 5th, Reid McCuiston 7th
Boys’ 200 IM – Brody McCuiston 1st, Beckham Leith 5th
Boys’ 200 Freestyle Relay – (Beckham Leith, Ozan Saraydar, Eric Dunn, Brody McCuiston,) 1st,
Colton Ruks, Carter Helmick, Owen Brown, Reid McCuiston) 4th

Girls’ 50 Free – Catherine Howe 5th
Boys’ 100 Back – Nolan Knudsen 7th
Boys’ 100 Breast – Jon Saraydar 6th
Boys’ 400 IM – Will Schwab 6th
Boys 200 Fly – Will Schwab 5th
Girls’ 400 Medley Relay- (Lyla Collins, Natalie Batey, Catherine Howe, Allie Page) 3rd
Boys’ 400 Medley Relay- (Nolan Knudsen, Jon Saraydar, Will Schwab, Sully Jackson ) 2nd
Boys’ 500 Free – Will Schwab 3rd
Girls’ 100 Fly – Catherine Howe 4th
Boys’ 100 Fly – Nolan Knudsen 4th, Jack Ruud 7th
Girls’ 200 IM – Lyla Collins 7th
Boys’ 200 IM – Will Schwab 7th
Boys’ 50 Back – Nolan Knudsen 5th
Girls’ 200 Breast – Catherine Howe 7th
Girls 200 Free Relay – (Catherine Howe, Lyla Collins, Sofia Beattie, Allie Page) 4th
Boys’ 200 Free Relay – (Will Schwab, Sully Jackson, Nolan Knudsen, Jon Saraydar) 2nd
Girls’ 400 Free Relay – (Catherine Howe, Lyla Collins, Sofia Beattie, Allie Page) 3rd
Boys’ 400 Free Relay- (Will Schwab,Nolan Knudsen, Jon Saraydar, Sully Jackson) 3rd
Girls’ 100 IM – Lyla Collins 8th
Boys’ 100 IM – Will Schwab 8th
Boys’ 11-12 50 Breast J- on Saraydar 2nd, Jack Ruud 8th
Girls’ 50 Fly – Catherine Howe 4th
Boys’ 50 Fly – Nolan Knudsen 6th
Girls’ 200 Medley Relay – (Lyla Collins, Natalie Batey, Catherine Howe, Allie Page) 7th
Boys’ 200 Medley Relay – (Sully Jackson, Jon Saraydar, Nolan Knudsen, Will Schwab) 2nd

Boys’ 200 Fly Quinn O’Neill- 3rd NEW TEAM RECORD
Boys’ 100 Back – Ben Bricker 4th
Boys’ 800 Free Relay – (Charlie McCuiston,Quinn O’Neill, Turner Worth, Ben Bricker) 1st
Girls’ 400 Medley Relay – (Quinn Norlande, Kassidy Collins,Taylor Robinson, Avery Tack) 6th
Boys’ 400 Medley Relay – (Ben Bricker, Charlie McCuiston,Quinn O’Neill, Turner Worth) 1st
Boys’ 500 Free – Quinn O’Neill 4th
Boys’ 100 Fly – Turner Worth 3rd, Quinn O’Neill 4th
Girls’ 200 IM – Avery Tack 5th
Boys’ 100 free – Turner Worth 4th
Boys 200 Breast – Charlie Michael 8th
Girls’ 200 Free Relay – (Avery Tack,Quinn Norlander, Kassidy Collins, Taylor Robinson) 5th
Boys’ 200 Free Relay – (Turner Worth, Nico Bonel-Muras, Quinn O’Neill, Charlie McCuiston) 1st & NEW TEAM RECORD!! , (Ben Bricker, Charlie Michael, Allern Zhang, Jack McCuiston) 7th
Girls’ 400 Free Relay- (Avery Tack, Sophie Layer, Taylor Robinson, Quinn Norlander) 3rd
Boys’ 400 Free Relay – (Charlie McCuiston, Ben Bricker, Quinn O’Neill, Turner Worth) 1st
Girls’ 100 IM – Avery Tack 5th
Boys’ 100 IM – Quinn O’ Neill 4th, Turner Worth 5th
Boys’ 200 Free – Quinn O’Neill 3rd
Girls’ 200 Medley Relay – (Quinn Norlander, Kassidy Collins, Taylor Robinson, Avery Tack) 6th
Boys’ 200 Medley Relay- (Ben Bricker, Charlie McCuiston, Quinn O’Neill, Turner Worth) 1st & NEW TEAM RECORD! , (Sean Kanary, Charlie Michael, Nico Bonel-Muras, Allen Zhang) 7th

Congratulations! Now we head for Greensboro!

Spring Tune-Up
Thank you for responding to our survey about spring tune-up. Because interest is so great we are working to expand options…it’s a challenge because demand for pools is even greater, Birmingham is working on some of their pools and we lose some of our coaches. Swimmers who completed the season by participating in championship meets will be given priority before we take anyone new. As soon as I get back from Greensboro we will firm things up and get registration going.