Important USA Swimming Registration Information

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Sep 11 2023 at 08:45PM PDT

Good evening BBD families,

Please read this in its entirety as there are three different areas that may apply to your swimmer(s).

They are as follows:
1. Your swimmer is TRANSFERRING to BBD from another USA-S Club.
2. Your swimmer is BRAND NEW to club swimming and has never had a USA-S membership.

` If your swimmer has a current USA-S membership, you will need to log into your USA-S account and initiate a transfer for your athlete. Here is a tutorial to assist you:

Once you have initiated the transfer, please email Lisa Helmick at and give her your swimmer(s) ID numbers so their previous times can be added into our database for upcoming meets. Please make sure you are giving her your swimmer(s) USA-S ID number, not your own.

NEW swimmers with no previous USA-S membership: You will first need to create a parent log-in using our BBD Registration link: and register your swimmer(s) with USA Swimming.

Please use this tutorial to assist you:

RETURNING BBD SWIMMERS: You will not need to do anything to renew your swimmer(s) USA-S membership. BBD is able to bulk renew our returning athletes and we will process these on October 2, 2023.

2023-2024 USA-S Membership Fee:
Seasonal Athlete membership (8&under) $60.00
Premium Athlete membership ` $90.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Alexis Bailey with any questions