Message from Coach Kevin + Practice Changes - Week of October 30th

Posted by Birmingham Blue Dolphins on Oct 30 2023 at 11:34AM PDT

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Have a great Halloween, everyone! Dress warmly! Needless to say—no practice!

Because we have over 200 swimmers swimming at meets on Sunday, there will be no practices.
A huge thank you and congratulations to our entire team for making our first “Lisa Ferris Fall Festival” so special!

Our meet managers: Liz Solomon, Nikki Schwartz and president Dennis Jackson led a great effort. Many of our volunteers worked multiple sessions to ensure a smooth operation. I am humbled by the work our board does to make the team operate as smoothly as it does. It was great to see new officials working the meet. Thank you, too, to our coaches!

The new team t-shirts look great. I hope everyone picked theirs up and will wear it with pride.

Our first places were legion. Individual champions included Miles Lobley, Teddy Howe, Shay Kaplan, Finch Lowery, Jack Lobley, Reid McCuiston, Maddie Krumm, Jake Brown, Brooke Seizert, Colin Bloyer, Wii Quarrier, Kai Boylan, Jack McCuiston, Lyla Collins, Delaney Dalziel, Sofia Beattie, Avery Tack, Demetra Bicos, Sully Jackson, Kate Stempien, Lila Solomon, Malin Murphey, Marin Norlander, Catherine Howe, Charlie McCuiston, Gillian McKinley, Ozan Saraydar, Elianna Ker, Trip Anderson, Mary Bailey, Brody McCuiston, Allie Page, Kassidy Collins, Evan Tack, Victor Malinski, Ruichen Xu and Nicolas Bonel-Muras. I apologize if I missed anyone.

So much was learned by swimmers, coaches, and parents. It was a really valuable experience.


Practice Changes this Week
Tuesday, October 31st – All practices canceled
Friday, November 3rd – 13& Up morning practice canceled,
11/12 and 13& Up combined at Cranbrook 5:30 to 7:15
Sunday, November 5th – All practices canceled